Israel informed the United States before targeting the Iranian “Saviz” ship


An American official told a newspaper, “The New York TimesThe Israeli side informed the United States of America that its forces targeted an Iranian ship yesterday, Tuesday, while it was located off the Yemeni coast around 7:30 a.m. local time.
The same official, who the newspaper said spoke on condition of anonymity, added that the Israelis carried out the attack in response to a previous Iranian escalation that targeted Israeli ships, and that the targeted ship “Saviz” In the Red Sea I was damaged.
The American official said that it is possible that the attack was delayed for some time to make way for an American aircraft carrier, which was in the region, to move away from “Saviz,” adding that the aircraft carrier “Dwight Eisenhower” was 200 miles away when the Iranian ship was targeted.

Israeli media reported that “Saviz”, which is suspected of being affiliated with the Iranian “Revolutionary Guard”, was attacked by a missile, and claimed that the ship provided intelligence information about the Saudi-Emirati alliance and Yemen to the “Houthi” group, an ally of Tehran.
Informed sources had revealed yesterday to Al-Araby Al-Jadeed that the Iranian “Saviz” ship was attacked by two missiles from an Israeli submarine, after the ship crossed the Suez Canal, and that the Israeli submarine that targeted it was spotted.
For his part, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said in a brief statement regarding the incident that “an Iranian merchant ship in the name of Saviz was exposed in the Red Sea near the shores of Djibouti to an explosion at 6:00 am local time on Tuesday.”
“The source and method of the explosion is under study, and the ship was partially damaged,” he added, noting that “Saviz, a non-military merchant ship, had settled in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden to secure maritime security in the course of shipping lines and confront pirates.”
He explained that the ship “was operating as a technical and service support station for Iran in the Red Sea, and therefore the International Shipping Organization was informed of the ship’s specifications and missions before and officially.”
The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman affirmed that targeting the ship “did not cause any loss of life. Technical investigations are underway regarding the accident and its source, and we will take all necessary measures through international references.”
The attack on the Iranian ship coincided with the conduct of the first round of the Vienna talks between Iran and the remaining parties to the nuclear agreement (China, France, Russia, Germany and Britain) and the representative of the European Union, which concluded yesterday, Tuesday, with the agreement of the members of the Joint Committee to continue the talks at the level of experts, and in light of Iran’s assertion of the necessity Lifting US sanctions as a necessary first step to revive the nuclear deal.
In a statement, the Iranian Foreign Ministry stated that the joint committee agreed to hold two parallel meetings of experts from member states, to conduct technical discussions on lifting US sanctions and nuclear steps.

Since 2019, Israel has been attacking ships carrying Iranian oil and weapons, across the eastern Mediterranean and the Red Sea, which has opened a new maritime front in a regional shadow war that was previously fought on land and air.
As for the Israeli ships, the last of them, which was attacked last month, was the “Helios Ray” cargo ship, which was carrying thousands of German-made cars to China. Several other tankers were also subjected to similar attacks by special forces in the Red Sea at the end of last year, which, according to the “New York Times”, were attributed to being attacks by the Iranian-backed Houthis in Yemen.
Iran has denied its connection with the attacks that seem to be, like the Israeli attacks, intended to deliver messages, not to sink ships.


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