Iraq .. “the worst week” since the start of the Corona pandemic


وكشفت Iraqi Ministry of Health In a statement, 51,387 injuries and 250 deaths were recorded during the past week, resulting from complications from an outbreak Corona Virus.

The ministry said that this “is a direct result of the continuing human gatherings and overcrowding in public and private facilities, with no commitment to wearing masks by citizens.”“.

The Ministry called on the Iraqis to adhere to the preventive measures and instructions issued by the Supreme Committee for National Health and Safety and official health institutions to limit the spread of the epidemic, as the epidemiological situation is witnessing a “serious development” in recent days, with infection rates rising at unprecedented rates since the beginning. PandemicAccording to the statement.

She said, “The continued negligence of preventive measures and ignoring the decisions of the Supreme Committee for National Health and Safety and the repeated statements of the Ministry of Health will lead to continuing rates of injuries and deaths, which may lead to a threat.” The health system National because of the volume of injuries that are beyond the ability of health institutions to absorb and deal with them“.

She pointed out that “scientific research in various countries of the world confirms the emergence of long-term complications after infection with (Covid 19), which may lead to chronic and serious diseases, which makes the epidemic a serious health challenge for human health and life.”.

The Ministry confirmed the availability of various types of vaccines in health institutions, and said that they are effective, safe and approved by well-known international scientific institutions And the World Health OrganizationAnd called to receive it.


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