Iraq announces the liquidation of the second most dangerous person in the terrorist “ISIS”


Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi revealed on Saturday that his country’s forces had killed the second-largest person in the “ISIS” organization, stressing that the Iraqis helped the entire world get rid of the specter of terrorism that was spreading quickly and stood with many friends.
Al-Kazemi said, during his speech at the first international scientific conference of the Counter-Terrorism Service, “I commend the role of the Counter-Terrorism Service, which was at the level of ambition and responsibility and contributed significantly to the liberation battles against the (Kharijites of the era) terrorist gangs of ISIS.”
Al-Kazemi had received the families of the victims of the two recent Al-Tayaran Square bombings, and stated that he had prayed two rak’ahs for retribution from “ISIS” in response to the two bombings. A government statement said, quoting Al-Kazemi: “We have followed the movements of the so-called governor of Iraq with ISIS gangs for months, and every time we try to eliminate him, we face obstacles, and after the Al-Tayaran Square incident and the attack on the crowd in Salah al-Din I swore to the Iraqis that the blood of these innocent victims will not be wasted, and the price will not be wasted. He will not be a leader here or there, but rather the head of this takfiri criminal gang. ”
He added, “When zero hour came for retribution, I prayed two rak’ahs, praise and thanks to God, and took the order to attack, and praise be to God, the result was the heads of the organization.” Al-Kazemi continued: “Stop the auctions and exploiting the feelings of the people who want to pass political projects and economic interests. There are those who took advantage of the blood of the martyrs of Iraq and became rulers and owners of billions and buy palaces and cars.”
He added, “We are now facing other types of terrorism, which require controlling borders and border crossings, combating corruption, controlling uncontrolled weapons, and preventing foreign interference.”


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