Iran’s decision to increase uranium enrichment is a “dangerous development”


France, Germany and Britain considered, on Wednesday, that Iran’s announcement on uranium enrichment by 60 percent constitutes a “dangerous development”, a step that “violates the airspace” of the talks in Vienna to save the Iranian nuclear deal.

Tehran had announced, on Tuesday, that it would “begin enriching uranium by 60 percent.”

Spokesmen for the foreign ministries of the three countries that signed the 2015 agreement said: “This constitutes a dangerous development, because the production of highly enriched uranium constitutes an important step for the manufacture of a nuclear weapon,” and “violates the constructive atmosphere and goodwill in the talks.”
Iran intends to start producing uranium enriched by sixty percent as of “next week,” according to statements by Tehran’s ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Kazem Gharibabadi wrote in a tweet on Twitter that preparations for the implementation of this decision began on Tuesday evening.

He added, “We plan to accumulate production of two series of centrifuges for uranium by 60 percent next week.”
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said, on Wednesday, that Iran’s decision to enrich uranium by 60 percent after the explosion at the Natanz plant is Tehran’s “response” to Israel’s “nuclear terrorism”.

“It is the answer to the malice of the enemies,” Rouhani said in the cabinet. He added, “What you have done is called nuclear terrorism, and what we are doing is legitimate,” referring to Israel, which Tehran accuses of sabotaging its uranium enrichment reactor in Natanz, central Iran.

He continued, “Certainly, our nuclear activities will remain only peaceful and peaceful and under the supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency,” whether “our enrichment is 60 percent or 20 percent.”

The White House confirmed, on Tuesday, that US President Joe Biden is still ready to continue negotiations with Iran, despite its announcement of its intention to enrich uranium by sixty percent, which brings it closer to the ability to use it for military purposes.

“We are certainly concerned about this provocative announcement. We are confident that the diplomatic track is the only way to make progress in this regard, and that holding talks, even if indirect, is the best way to reach a solution,” said White House spokeswoman Jane Sackey.


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