Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif criticizes the Revolutionary Guards in a leaked tape


  • Nagy Palace
  • BBC Persian


Photo released, Reuters

A leaked audio tape has spread, in which the Iranian Foreign Minister, Muhammad Javad Zarif, criticizes the Revolutionary Guards’ control of the country’s foreign policy and its introduction into the Syrian civil war by order of Russia, as many expressed on social media their shock and astonishment.

Some of the disclosed information confirms what many Iranians have suspected all the time. Surprisingly, these comments came from Zarif, a seasoned diplomat who is usually careful and moderate by Iranian standards.

It was not clear who leaked the tape, although it comes at a time when Iran is preparing to hold presidential elections and internal power struggles reach new heights.

Zarif has said that he is not a candidate to succeed President Hassan Rouhani, but that the hardliners do not trust him and want to eliminate any chance of that happening.


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