“Iqra”: Saudi, Indonesian and Egyptian win “Maddah the Messenger” awards – Saudi Arabia News


3 contestants from Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and Egypt won the prizes of the “Praise of the Messenger” competition, launched by the Iqra Judicial Channel, and allocated 100,000 riyals to the winners, as the Indonesian Mukhlas Latassi got the first place, and a cash prize of 50 thousand riyals, and the Egyptian Muhammad Harun came in second place With a prize of 30,000 riyals, while Saudi Abdulaziz Hussain ranked third, with a prize of 20,000 riyals.Latassi, 28, says: “I was born on Sepatik Island, far from the capital Jakarta and on the borders of Malaysia. I grew up in a religious family. My father and mother are both teachers in the Islamic School of Good things, and I learned the Qur’an, hadith, belief and writing Arabic from my childhood, and I continue my studies at the Islamic Institute of Good things. And in it, I learned grammar, morphology, the sciences of the Qur’an, hadith and rhetoric. ”

As for the Egyptian Haroun, who comes in second place, he says: “I grew up in the governorate of Dakahlia, and I used to frequent the village book since my childhood. Quranic competitions ».

While Saudi Abdulaziz Hussein, the third-place holder who lives in Jeddah, confirms that the competition gave him the opportunity to highlight his talent, which he loved from childhood, saying: “I loved singing in love with the Messenger and trained on it, and I was not hindered by studying business administration for this goal, as I got a bachelor’s degree. I still continued my path in singing, and I thank God that I have the prize that crowned my efforts and fulfilled my dream, which has always entertained me. ”

It is noteworthy that Iqra TV is working on producing a video clip for the three winners, which will be broadcast soon, culminating in their success in the “Praise of the Messenger” competition, indicating that it is launching other competitions that are concerned with highlighting youth talents in Saudi Arabia and all creators in the Arab and Islamic world.


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