IPhone 14 specifications leaks and expectations of major changes


Leaked sites have discussed the specifications of the iPhone 14 phones, which are expected to be unveiled in 2022, amid expectations that Apple will make major changes.

According to Al Jazeera Net, according to the leak of a famous Apple news expert, it revealed some interesting details about the 2022 iPhone lineup, while interested people and technology professionals are looking forward to the iPhone 13 launch later this year.

Renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that 2022 iPhones will use a 48-megapixel sensor for the main camera, which will allow for impressive 8K video capture, according to Mac Rumors.

It is believed that the “iPhone” devices may start using the sensors for the Face ID feature integrated under the screen as a way to get rid of the bump on the front screen of the iPhone devices, which may disappear completely with the releases of 2023.

Another of Chi Kuo’s theories is that screen size options in the iPhone lineup will decline by 2022. We may not see the iPhone Mini production as in previous years, expecting that 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch screen sizes will remain in phones, as Chi suggested. Kuo previously we might see under-screen fingerprint scanners in future iPhones.

As is the case with all rumors and leaks, we won’t know for sure how reliable it is until Apple officially announces it.

In October 2020, Apple launched the iPhone 12 with a faster 5G connection, starting at $ 799, and the company hopes to keep its sales booming until the end of the year.

The iPhone 12 comes with a flowing 6.1-inch screen and flat sides, similar to the iPhone 5. Apple also provided a “mini” version with a 5.4-inch screen, at a price of $ 699, and a “Pro” version with 3 cameras.


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