Investigations reveal the cause of a car accident involving golf legend Tiger Woods


Los Angeles Police Chief Alex Villanueva revealed, on Wednesday, details of the traffic accident that claimed the life of American golf star Tiger Woods.

According to Alex Villanueva, Tiger Woods was driving at a “dangerous speed” of 140 kilometers per hour, more than twice the speed limit when he was involved in a traffic accident in the US state of California.

Woods’ car derailed before it capsized more than once in the Ranchus Palos Verdes near Los Angeles, resulting in a fracture in his right leg and several bruises throughout his body.

“The main cause of the accident was driving at a dangerous speed and not being able to control it in one of the bends,” said Alex Villanueva.

He added, “The estimated speed was between 84 and 87 miles per hour (about 140 kilometers per hour).”

Woods, 45, winner of 15 major titles, was driving alone on February 23, in a suburb of Los Angeles on a road notorious for fatal accidents, when his car crashed into the center separation barrier and crossed into the opposite lane, before hitting a tree and capsizing several times. , To suffer from broken legs as well as a broken ankle.

He underwent surgery on the shin bone level, where a “set of pins and staples” was used to stabilize his foot and ankle.

Woods is considered one of the most successful golfers of all time, winning 15 major tournaments.

Woods made a stunning comeback from a series of injuries that threatened his career and overcame personal problems to win the Masters in 2019, winning his first major titles since the 2008 US Open.

Woods previously made headlines due to another traffic accident in late 2009 outside his luxurious Florida home, sparking a series of scandalous discoveries that shattered his marriage and caused his image to be tarnished.


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