“Interview with Mr. Adam 2” outside the Ramadan race


The second part of the series “Interview with Mr. Adam” (written and directed by Fadi Selim – Produced by Phoenix Group) came out from the Ramadan race in 2021. This is what Salim announced in a brief statement transmitted by a number of artistic sites, confirming that a special circumstance led to this decision. After postponing filming the remaining episodes. Selim added that filming will be completed after the month of fasting, in preparation for the series’ presentation after the Ramadan season.The first part of “An Interview with Mr. Adam” was shown in Ramadan 2020, starring Ghassan Masoud, Carmen Lebs, Rana Shamis, Al-Sudair Masoud, Muhammad Al-Ahmad and Menna Fadali …
The previous season featured the story of one of the most well-known forensic doctors dedicated to academic work. Despite his retirement from his career, the occurrence of a mysterious crime against an Egyptian girl residing in Syria prompted the criminal authorities to seek the help of his experiences. After insistence, he agrees to be able, with his experience, to determine the method of the causes of death, and to touch evidence and evidence pointing to those involved. But it is not simple, the criminals are powerful personalities!


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