Interpol is chasing Turkish Faruk Ozer, who fled with two billion dollars + video


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Without warning, Turkey is experiencing one of the biggest fraud cases … this time through the digital currency portal.

The chapters of the story began with the establishment of a platform called “Theodex”, which is a cryptocurrency exchange … and in light of the obsession with the booms caused by the cryptocurrency, people poured into the platform to make profits, but what happened was unexpected … as the platform was closed while its owner escaped with two billion dollars from Depositors’ funds.

“Overnight, the Turks woke up to the biggest fraud in the history of the Turkish Republic regarding cryptocurrencies or digital currencies … the young man Faruk Ozer fled to Albania, and he is the owner and founder of Theodex digital currency company, he carried out the fraud,” Turkish specialist Muhammad Abu Shamala explained to Al-Alam TV correspondent. Hundreds of thousands of Turks, while the losses are estimated at more than two billion dollars. “

In the face of the story of the occupation and the two billion looted dollars, Turkey is trying to pursue the owner of the fugitive platform .. The latest information confirms that he fled to Albania, which prompted Turkey to communicate with Interpol to issue a red arrest warrant, and another communication by the Turkish Interior Minister with his Albanian counterpart in order to cooperate in the prosecution.

Istanbul University economics professor Hakan Yildirim explains to our correspondent that: “Interpol has started searching for Ozer and is trying to locate him and in which country and how he lives. There is cooperation between Turkey and Interpol and if it is found there is an agreement to hand him over, and there are still intense contacts between Turkey and Interpol and we are in a state of anxiety and waiting. … we are talking about 2 billion and hundreds of thousands of victims. “

On the domestic level, the Turkish authorities continue arrest campaigns of people linked to the trading platform, as the authorities have arrested 62 people in security operations in 8 provinces that included people close to Faruk Fatih Oz, CEO and founder of the company who fled from Turkey, but the Turkish moves did not give hope to the victims who are convinced that they have fallen. A prey in one of the harsh fraud stories.

The story of the largest fraud in Turkey, which was estimated at two billion dollars, reinforces the warnings about the security of digital currencies, which prompted the Turkish Central Bank to warn against dealing with digital and cryptocurrencies and the criminalization of violators.

For more, you have the attached video for more..


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