Instead of tourism … an American program host spends his license to feed dogs in Egypt


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Brandon Macmillan spoke about his vacation to Egypt, documenting it with photos.

Where the American presenter posted, on his Facebook account, pictures of him collecting stray dogs while he was feeding them.

He explained that he took his first official leave in ten years in Egypt, and said, “I was supposed to spend all day by the pool, museums, and inside the pyramids … But instead, I spent 90% of my time feeding stray dogs and forming a relationship with them.”

“Most of the people were supportive … but there were a few people who felt the need to attack me,” Macmillan said. And saying what I did put these dogs at risk because my actions made them less afraid of humans. This would lead them to approach people more often, they asked me to stop doing that … but my answer is: No. I will not stop doing this. ”

He continued, “These animals are curious and harmless creatures that strive to survive in an environment in which they are treated like parasites … Only then will the culture mentality change and can these dogs really be helped.”

Brandon Macmillan is an American television personality, animal trainer, author and television producer best known for his role as the former presenter and trainer of the CBS television series “Lucky Dog”.

Macmillan rescues and rehabilitates unpopular dogs that are considered “untrainable” from animal shelters.

Its programs won 3 Emmy Awards, including two Best Presenter Awards.

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