Infantino: Breakaway clubs in the “Super League” will bear the consequences


Infantino: Breakaway clubs in the “Super League” will bear the consequences

Tuesday – 8 Ramadan 1442 AH – April 20, 2021 AD

FIFA President Janie Infantino (AFP)

Montreux (Switzerland): «Middle East Online»

Today (Tuesday), FIFA President Jani Infantino affirmed that the dissident clubs calling for the launch of the European Super League competition “must bear the consequences of their decisions” as a result of this separation, indicating that FIFA “is against this without any doubt.” The project.
Infantino said: “We at FIFA can only strongly oppose the creation of the Super League. It is a closed league, a split from the current body, from the leagues, from the national federations, from UEFA and from FIFA.
“It is our duty to protect the European sport model, and therefore if a group decides to go its way, it must bear the consequences of its choices,” he said. She is responsible for her choices. Either you are inside (the system) or outside, you cannot be in between. Think about the subject, this matter must be clear, completely clear ».
Six English clubs (Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City and Tottenham), along with Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Spain, Juventus, Inter and Milan, have announced the launch of a competition that may torpedo the Champions League.
The European Union had threatened to exclude these clubs and prevent their players from participating in continental tournaments and local competitions, including the European Champions League, but the President of Real Madrid and the president of the new Super League, Florentino Pires, considered this matter “impossible”.


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