India records one of the largest numbers of corona deaths since the outbreak of the epidemic


And indicate numbers Indian Ministry of Health That the number of new infections recorded reached 295,000 in the last 24 hours.

That brings the total number of infections to 15.6 million India. As for the number of deaths, it reached 2023, bringing the total number of those who died from the epidemic to 182,553 people.

Reports attribute the rising numbers of Corona in India to a spread Double mutant strain للفوروس ، ونقص Medical supplies, And ease Closures.

It has already been confirmed World Health Organization Danger Indian dynasty, She said Vaccines Recorded may have less impact on it, while scientists say that research on the new strain has shown that it contains mutations that make it more capable of spreading and infection.

An official in the World Health Organization’s emergency program, Maria Van Kerkhove, said, “The strain was first discovered in two Indian states by the end of 2020, and the cases of this strain have increased from Virus Since the end of last year. “

She explained that the virus mutates and changes over time, and this is a matter of concern because these changes give it the ability to spread and infection, “which has a reflection on our countermeasures to confront the pandemic, which include the use of vaccines.”

A development that raises concerns about its negative effects on measures to confront the virus not only in India, but in many countries of the world, especially with regard to the vaccines used.

Kovacs international vaccine distribution program relies on the plant in India to provide doses to more than 90 developing countries around the world, and any delay or interruption in this plant may negatively affect the capacity in distribution.


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