In the video .. the story of the medical error committed by the nurse, “Buthaina Morshed,” and as a result of which she tried to commit suicide


Riyadh (Echo):

The nurse, Buthaina Morshed, spoke about her career and the difficulties she faced in her work, which led her to contemplate suicide.

She stated, during her speech on the “Meet From Zero” program broadcast on MBC, that she was the only Saudi nurse among 1,200 foreign nurses at King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Riyadh.

She added that one of the most difficult situations she faced in her life was when a drug related to one patient was changed and given to another patient, and she did not notice this error, which made everyone attack her in a way that prompted her to think about suicide.

She emphasized that she also found it difficult for the nursing staff to accept her at the time, pointing out that her colleagues would stop talking when they saw her, which made her feel stressed.

She indicated that she faced the matter bravely and asked them, and they replied that they were afraid that she would take their jobs, so she assured them that she was not seeking that, but rather wanted to learn more about nursing.


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