In the video, an Arab commentator asks for “beer” during a live broadcast of a football match … and ignites a wide debate on the communication sites.


Video .. an Arab commentator asks

Tunisian commentator Chakib El Khweldi sparked controversy after he requested a “beer” during the direct transmission of the Club Africain and the Union Sport Union match in the Tunisian Football League, on Wednesday.

And it seems that Al-Khoweildy did not know that the direct transmission of the match had begun, when he said (in the video rolling): “Bring a beer.”

Al-Khuwailidi’s phrase sparked widespread debate in the Tunisian street, and opinions were divided on social media between demands to punish him and his exclusion from commenting and the channel he works for, and between those who sympathized with the commentator after information circulated stating that he is a kidney patient and needs to drink fluids continuously, and the beer he requested is without alcohol.

The Tunisian Mosaique website quoted journalist Aziz Al-Khoweildy, son of commentator Shakib Al-Khoweildy, as saying that his father was ill and was hospitalized after “the false accusations and the bullying campaign he was exposed to on social media.”

Source: social networking sites + “Nessma” + “Mosaic”


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