In the presence of Mustafa Murad, Al-Khatib gives Mahmoud Fahmy the golden necklace in a huge ceremony


The Board of Directors of Al-Ahly Club headed by Mahmoud Al-Khatib, this evening, Wednesday, was keen to honor Mahmoud Fahmy, a former board member and legal advisor to the Red Castle, in a big celebration at the Al-Jazeera headquarters.

Al-Ahly’s move came as an appreciation for Mahmoud Fahmy’s unlimited generosity, his great dedication and dedication to volunteer service for the community for a period that extended for more than half a century – according to the text of the official statement.

The ceremony was attended by Al-Ahly’s board of directors and a group of former club officials, led by Muharram Al-Ragheb, Hisham Saeed, Tayseer Al-Hawari, Usama Qandil, Adli Al-Qai, Mustafa Murad Fahmy, Muhammad Marjan, Muhammad Othman, and Moncef Naguib, the former Vice President of the State Council, in addition to the Mahmoud family My understanding.

Mahmoud Al-Khatib awarded Counselor Mahmoud Fahmy the “Al-Ahly Club” gold medal, which is the highest level of honor. In gratitude for his contributions, and appreciation for his great contributions to the elevation of the Red Fort, and to defend his causes as a volunteer in all forums.

Al-Khatib was keen to present Mahmoud Fahmy with a letter of thanks in advance from the board of directors, and he also presented him with the club’s shirt, after the celebration began with the presentation of a documentary film about his association with Al-Ahly and his journey that spanned more than 50 years.

Mahmoud Fahmy’s career with Al-Ahly began with his joining the junior football team, then joining the swimming and gymnastics teams, leading to his legal career and his role as a member of the Board of Directors and then a legal advisor to the club.

For his part, Al-Khatib said at the beginning of his speech during the ceremony: “It is difficult for me to describe what is in me about as much value as Mahmoud Fahmy … I remember the first board of directors I was in for more than 33 years, and he was present, and to this day he is a great part in conservatism. On the legal rights of the club and in a manner befitting the name and history of the club.

He added: “Mahmoud Fahmy has a great role in overcoming many of the legal crises that faced Al-Ahly in many thorny files, which he succeeded in solving all of them.”

He continued, in defiance of Fahmy’s personality at work, his calmness and his success in all the legal files related to the club, foremost of which is the file of the statute of the statute, and his bet on the awareness of the members of the General Assembly in attendance to agree to the implementation of the bylaw.

For his part, Mahmoud Fahmy expressed his happiness with this honor and his tradition with the club’s golden necklace, and said that he did not find words to express the extent of his happiness, thanking the Board of Directors for this gesture that he described as noble, and it truly expresses Al-Ahly’s nobility, respect and appreciation for its symbols throughout history.


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