In Dubai .. The launch of the first electric fire extinguishing mechanism in the Middle East


The General Directorate of Dubai Civil Defense inaugurated the first electric fire extinguishing mechanism of its kind in the Middle East region and the second in the world.According to the Emirates News Agency “WAM”, the mechanism is designed according to modern technological systems, it is 20% faster than other specialized vehicles, 40% is characterized by high efficiency in carrying out tasks, and it is equipped with a modern lighting system / LED /.

This vehicle is environmentally friendly, as it does not emit harmful gases, is easy to operate and does not emit noises.The most prominent features of the first electric fire extinguishing mechanism in the Middle East
In the context, His Excellency Major General Expert Rashid Thani Al Matroushi, Director General of the General Department of Dubai Civil Defense, said, “The control system provided in the vehicle is based on CAN-BUST technology, and intuitive operation via a 17-inch display in the cockpit.

The remote control system works by means of “TELEMATIC” modern technologies, enabling it to continuously and directly contact the operating room through smart and modern technologies and receive all the readings received from it, in addition to the effective communication technology with the factory for operational aspects, in addition to an advanced command room that can accommodate / 6 / Of firefighters and rescuers with a seat roll feature to hold work crew meetings to develop appropriate plans for accident management.However, the vehicle’s fire extinguishing system relies on the “Rosenbauer NH35 ″ system, and includes a high-capacity pressure pump, in addition to light panels / FPN10-3000 und FPH40-250 EN1028 /, a generator powered pump and an operating panel for the pump at the rear of the car.” , Central, and pneumatic water nozzles with a capacity of 150 DN for the tank and the pump … adding that the capacity of the water tank is 4000 liters, while the capacity of the foam tank is 400 liters, with the FixMix 2.0 A foaming system.

He explained that the vehicle is characterized by additional technologies represented in central locking systems for the cockpit and equipment rooms, the electrical power supply built into the external devices, 4 high-resolution cameras, a device for measuring the level of water and foam in the tanks, in addition to a dedicated quick charger in the fire and rescue center, which gives the vehicle a charge By 80% in 40 minutes, it can perform tasks from 6 to 8 hours continuously, its speed reaches 100 km per hour, and it deals with all fires.


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