In a live broadcast … Hala Sidqi’s husband shoots her on the air after her statements on the “Sheikh Al-Hara” program.


Relationships and society

Hala Sidqi

Actress Hala Sidqi has sparked widespread controversy over the past few hours, after her meeting on the “Sheikh Al Hara” program yesterday evening, with director Inas Al-Deghidi, as the artist Hala Sidqi spoke for the first time about the nature of the differences between her and her husband, and many secrets revealed for the first time the details of their differences. Character, which has persisted over the past several months.

And after the circulation of those statements revealed by the artist Hala Sidqi, during her speech on the program “Sheikh Al-Hara”, the artist’s husband, “Sameh Sami,” resorted to appearing in a live broadcast on his personal page, during his stay in the United States of America, to divorce her live After he announced his extreme dissatisfaction with what the artist Hala Sidqi talked about, during her talk on the program, about the nature of the differences between them, saying, “I don’t honor me that you are my Chilean. Now I am watching Live from America with you. ”

“Sami” criticized her for her stance regarding her gloating over his mother’s death by circulating the phrase “She died of bloodburn .. my problems hurt her heart,” indicating that he feels very upset about his wife’s accusations against him during the program, which prompted him to announce her divorce on the air.

And about the most prominent statements announced by the artist Hala Sidqi during her episode in the Sheikh Al-Hara program, as she said that all the marital experiences that she went through ended in failure, pointing out that the reason for all the husbands whom she married was that they failed in how to deal with her, saying: «I will not marry Once again, marriage is a very difficult story, and my children and family represent a lot to me. ”


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