In a family ceremony, Queen Elizabeth and her kingdom bid farewell to Prince Philip


Be deposited Queen Elizabeth II And the United Kingdom today, Saturday, April 17, Prince Philip Who served for seven decades the British Crown and supported the Queen, in a brief ceremony due to Corona epidemic And overwhelmed by the military character.

The Queen’s husband, who died “quietly” eight days ago and is known for his frankness and sense of humor – which sometimes approaches racism or sexism – will turn 100 years old on the tenth of next June.

The Duke of Edinburgh will be buried in the grounds of Windsor Castle, where the man who was born in Corfu, prince of Greece and Denmark, died after a life of faithful service to the property since his marriage 73 years ago alongside his wife “Lilibet”.

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The Queen thus lost, as she put it, “her power” and “her support”, which since the coronation of Elizabeth II in 1952 has been in the background to steadfastly support his wife and become a pillar of the monarchy.

Circumstances help fulfill the Duke of Edinburgh’s wish to avoid his pompous funeral, and his funeral will be smaller than he initially imagined.

Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, the public was asked to refrain from gathering in front of the royal headquarters. The United Kingdom, which has been living in national mourning since the death of the Duke of Edinburgh on April 9th, was invited to observe a minute of silence at 3:00 pm (14:00 GMT) at the start of the religious ceremony.

watched| Windsor Castle preparations for the memorial service for King Philip

Only thirty people will attend this ceremony, according to the health rules imposed in England.

The funeral, broadcast on television and organized in some simplicity, will reflect the military past that was a source of pride for the prince who fought in the British Navy during World War II.

Unwavering loyalty

The ceremony will take place in the presence of the Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and Army in Windsor to receive his coffin covered with his personal emblem and sword, to be transported aboard a simple green Land Rover pickup that the Duke of Edinburgh himself helped design.

The Grenadier Guards, one of the five infantry regiments of the Royal House Guard in which Philip served as colonel for 42 years, will advance the procession to St. George’s Chapel, where the religious ceremonies will be held.

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The Dean of Windsor, the spiritual leader of this church’s canons, will pay tribute to his “unwavering loyalty” to the Queen, his “courage”, “fortitude” and “faith,” according to previously published passages from his speech.

The coffin will be lowered into the “Royal Vault” crypt, where it will remain until the Queen joins it after her death, and the couple will then be buried in their final resting place in the monument of King George VI, the father of Elizabeth II.

At the end of the ceremony, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Wele, will offer his blessing, the spiritual leader of the Anglicans.

family reunion

For the Windsor family, this funeral is an opportunity for its members to meet after a series of recent crises, and this is the first time that Prince Harry will meet in public with members of the royal family since his withdrawal amid media hype from the monarchy and his departure, in light of accusations of racism and indifference directed at the family with his wife in Interview with Oprah Winfrey.

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He will attend alongside his older brother William and father, Prince Charles.

As for his wife Megan Markle, who is pregnant with their second child, she stayed in the United States on the advice of her doctor.

A cousin between two brothers

In 1997, the two brothers walked after their mother’s coffin, Diana, and would repeat the same thing behind their grandfather’s coffin, but their cousin Peter Phillips would mediate with them in a choice that garnered a large amount of comment in the media.

As for clothing, the British royal family has made sure to appear on one front, everyone will wear civilian clothes, which is a way to avoid the discrimination of Princes Andrew and Harry, who are very closely associated with the army.

Despite two missions in Afghanistan, the former Captain Harry is no longer allowed to put special service medals on civilian clothes after losing his honorary military titles.

Although he still belongs to the Navy, the appearance of Prince Andrew, the second son of the Queen and a former helicopter pilot, in military uniform, would appear inappropriate after his withdrawal from the monarchy due to his friendship with the late financier Jeffrey Epstein, who was pursued for ties to minors.


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