Ilham Shaheen, I have a complex of men, and Yusra is the most important star of my generation, my lady


The artist fired Ilham Shaheen, Several bold statements about her relationship with the man and the reasons for her abandoning the dream of motherhood, and the truth of the dance video that Rania Youssef collected, and admitted that her colleague Yusra is the most important star of her generation.

Elham Shaheen confirmed, during her interview with the “Sheikh of the Warm and the Daring” program, with director Inas El-Deghidi, on the satellite channel “Cairo and the People”, that the man causes many problems, and that any problem that a woman faces in life is because of the man. And be romantic with him.

And she continued, saying: The men want the guiding cat, and I am fierce and do not have understanding. I gave up for once and lived a love story, but it was not completed.

Ilham confirmed that she preferred fame and work over love at the beginning of her life, which caused her to separate from the first love in her life, indicating that she prefers to work on anything personal, and she said: There is no man who will lead me to my job .. My job is to condemn the status and the love of the public and men. My success.

Elham Shaheen confirmed that the artist Yousra is the most important star of her generation, and she said in response to director Inas El-Deghidi’s question about whether Yusra was more important than her, saying: Yusra before me, which is something that I respect, she started acting before me and worked with her since I was young, with her love and love from my heart.

Shaheen added that she became famous after the movie “Al Helfoot”, stressing that she had not received an offer to participate with artist Adel Imam in any artwork after that.

She said that she did not ask Adel Imam why she was not used to other artistic works with him, indicating that she was ready to participate with Imam in any artistic work, even if the role was small.

And she continued: In kind to Adel Imam, with his death, his love, and his high merit, ”saying that her role in the movie“ The Halfoot ”was written for a very big and great star who refused to reveal her name during the episode.

And she indicated that she prefers fame over any personal matters, follow-up: No man will give me what work has given me in terms of status, self-confidence, love of people, the masses, and awards.

She confirmed that the man refuses the title “So and Her husband,” and said that one of her ex-husbands refused to continue their presence in a restaurant because the owner of the place decided to give his table to them as the artist Ilham Shaheen.

And about her presentation of bold scenes and the roles of seduction, she said: I am not afraid of anything, convinced of my art and the value that I offer, and the film of temptation most presented is (The Pleasure Market) and is one of the most important and greatest of my roles.

In response to a question about her feeling of regret after losing the dream of motherhood, Shaheen said: I am not upset, and added: I do not want to remain a mother and I do not want to assume responsibilities.

Elham Shaheen continued, saying: The motherhood is a big responsibility, and I am responsible for my sisters, and they are responsible for me greatly.

Elham Shaheen admitted that she had a miscarriage and said: I do not want to remain a mother with my own will, and when I did the abortion process, there was an agreement on divorce and I did not feel stable in the marriage, and therefore I lost the desire to have a child and there is a divorce.

Elham Shaheen revealed the scenes of the video that spread to her on social networking sites while singing and dancing after the death of the scriptwriter Waheed Hamed, confirming that the date of his registration is old and long before his death, noting that an unknown person published the video at this time for excitement, but she does not follow the social media.

Elham Shaheen admitted that the artist Rania Youssef published this video at this time, a big mistake, confirming that the actress of Rania Youssef is unnatural and seeks to draw attention and is looking for a trend.

And she continued, saying: I supported Rania Youssef in the position of lining the dress at the Cairo Film Festival, and I reject any trend through something offensive to me.

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