Ilham Al-Fadala’s celebration of the birth of her second grandchild tops the attention of the observers … May Al-Aidan commented


Top the celebration of the Kuwaiti actressImportant FadalahWith the birth of her second grandchild, “Muhammad”, from her eldest daughter, Mona Al-Otaibi, the attention of followers through social networking sites, after she posted on her private page a video clip in which she appeared carrying her grandson immediately after his birth, and commented: “Praise be to God, by whose grace is good deeds .. my daughter was born.” Mona Mohammed .. I ask God to plant a good plant and make it a child of happiness.
For her part, she congratulated the Kuwaiti mediaMai Al-AidanIlham “on the birth of her second grandson, and commented:” One billion important congratulations nurture, with your glory, my lips of patience, and God bless you with the child whom God preserves for you and makes him one of the righteous offspring. “
“Mohamed” is Ilham’s second grandchild, and he is also from her daughter Mona, who gave birth to her first child two years ago, whom they called “Ilham”, after her grandmother.


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