I look .. Haifa Wehbe collapses from tears after a five-star dump


The Lebanese star Haifa Wehbe fell into a fit of crying and hysterical screaming, after she believed that she was the cause of the death of her fellow Egyptian artist Karim Fahmy, and the injury of the artist Mohamed Al-Sharnoubi.

Before it became clear that the whole situation is just a prank within the pranks of the “Five Stars” program, which is showing its first season on the mbc satellite channel in Ramadan 2021.

Haifa Wehbe, the victim of the second episode of the plot of “Five Stars” broadcast on “mbc Egypt” channel, and was lured into allegedly filming a car advertisement.

And entered a race with each of the artist Karim Fahmy and Muhammad Al-Sharnoubi, and the other two claimed a serious accident had occurred and Karim Fahmy got out of the car and the fire was burning in it, and the rescue team extinguished it and then Haifa Wehbe collapsed and fell to the ground.

Actress Ghada Adel tried to pressure Haifa and accuse her of being the cause of the death of Karim Fahmy, and ask her for a good lawyer to defend her after the murder was directed to her, and Haifa Wehbe assaulted the owner of the alleged advertising company, who provoked her by saying that Karim Fahmy was dead.

Ghada Adel intervened, saying: Why recklessness in driving … I warned you and told you to rest.

After discovering the plot and knowing that the artist Karim Fahmy is still alive, she collapsed and the artist Haifa Wehbe cried, not believing what happened, saying: “I could not believe what was happening.

After that, Haifa Wehbe took revenge on the program team and used the fire hose and directed it to them to avenge herself, confirming that for the first time she did not feel that she was in a prank, but that she would take revenge on them in her own way.

The stars Mustafa Amar, Karim Fahmy, Muhammad Al-Sharnoubi, Ghada Adel and Nour will participate in presenting the “Five Stars” theme, and a star of acting or singing stars will participate with them in each episode, in a new and different form that will be presented on the Egyptian and Arab screens for the first time.

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