I didn’t understand his behavior and Solshire any better than him


Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba said on Friday that former United manager Jose Mourinho was notorious for ignoring players by simply putting them on the bench, a stark contrast to his current coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer who has never ruled out players.

Mourinho was sacked as United coach in December 2018 after the worst start to a season in 28 years, and replaced by Solskjaer, who took over temporarily before heading the team permanently after improved results.

Mourinho’s last months at Old Trafford saw the breakdown of his relationship with players such as Pogba, who stripped him of his position as deputy captain.

Pogba told Sky Sports, “What I feel now with a different first is that he does not engage in confrontations with the players. Oli may not choose some players for matches, but he does not exclude them as if they do not exist. This is the difference between Mourinho and Ole.” .

He added, “When my relationship was good with Mourinho everyone saw that, and the next day you do not know what happened. This strange thing that Mourinho had, and I cannot explain it because I do not know.”

Pogba also attacked Mourinho after the Portuguese coach responded to Solskjaer’s comments, after Tottenham Hotspur lost 3-1 at home to United in the Premier League on Sunday.

Mourinho expressed his frustration due to criticism of his striker Son Heung-min, who accused him of deceiving the referee, and the United coach said, “If this is my son … he will not get food because what he did is embarrassing.” Mourinho responded by saying that Son was lucky that his father was “better than Olly”.

“We won the match, he lost, and he does not want to talk about it,” Pogba told Sky. He added that Solshire and United do not want to get into a verbal battle with Mourinho.

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