I didn’t see the ball well … and luck missed me


Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer said he did not see the ball well in the first goal he scored in the match in which his team was defeated by Mainz in Bundesliga.

Bayern Munich fell outside their bases with two goals to one goal, in the match that brought the two teams together at noon on Saturday at the “Opel Arena”, within the matches of the thirty-first round of the German League (See the match report).

Bayern conceded an early goal in the third minute, after a fatal tackle in the ball by Neuer, with a shot from Jonathan Burchardt.

Watch Mainz goal in Bayern Munich

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Neuer said in statements published by the German network “TZ”: “The sun was not an obstacle for me, but Alaba was very close to the ball, and I could not see it well, I tried to raise my arms and was not lucky.”

He added: “We did not give everything we had in the first half, and it was clear that Mainz was very strong, and we did not create enough opportunities and we were punished in the back.”

He concluded: “We were not surprised by Mainz, they entered the match at a high level, and they were very motivated, the high pressure that Mainz put on us was a constant inconvenience to us.”

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