“I didn’t appear naked!” – Ambassador of the North


Abdel Moneim Amayri: “I did not appear naked!”

The Syrian artist Abdel Moneim Amairi revealed, on “Al Madina FM” radio, details that announce for the first time his suffering in the embodiment of the character “Samir” that he played in the series “Anonymous Entry” and his identification with the role of the stage in which he became depressed and resorted to a psychiatrist who personified his condition and warned him. Of the so-called diseases of the acting profession, considering that as a major academic mistake that the actor should not make, he warned new actors and his students not to repeat it, stressing that everything that people have seen in previous episodes will not be anything in front of what they will see in the last two episodes.

Amayri in the Al-Mukhtar program dedicated his success to the artist, Ghassan Masoud, considering that he is of great merit to him and praised the director Al-Sadeer Masoud, describing him as one of the directors who love the actor and treat him with kindness, but he is very hard on him in order to bring out his best things. Good work by the creators of the series.

In the context, Amari talked about those who described them as enemies of success and thieves of joy, and responded to the criticisms that affected the scene of the bathroom and what was said about his appearing naked, stressing that the scene is clearly justified and dramatically and that whoever appeared in it is the character and not Abdel Moneim, and he indicated that he is not with pornography in any scene and under any Adverb but he will present a bold scene containing a kiss in his upcoming film directed by Abdul Latif Abdel Hamid.


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