Huge quantities of methane have been discovered on Mars


NASA scientists recently discovered large quantities of methane in the Martian atmosphere

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Scientists at the US Aerospace Administration (NASARecently, large amounts of methane have been in the Martian atmosphere, and they think it may be a sign of life below the surface planet Mars.
In details, the Curiosity spacecraft has discovered very large quantities of methane gas that can be extracted from geological deposits as it accompanies other hydrocarbon fuels, and it can also be obtained from industrial sources.
Scientists made this discovery while making measurements on Mars recently, which prompted scientists to cancel their mission, and to assign the Curiosity spacecraft to the task of discovering the gas.
The spacecraft detected 21 parts of a billion parts of methane in the Martian atmosphere, three times what was found during 2013 measurements.
The importance of this discovery lies in the fact that it may indicate the existence of life on the surface of the Red Planet.


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