How to translate messages using Gboard and Microsoft SwiftKey


Extend / Both the Google Gboard keyboard apps and Microsoft’s SwiftKey have a built-in translation tool that allows you to send and decrypt messages received in different languages ​​without having to switch between the translation app, as the Gboard translation function works for Android and iOS devices, although Microsoft SwiftKey is available for devices. Android and iOS, however the built-in compiler is currently available for Android only.

Here’s how to translate messages using Gboard on Android and iOS devices: –

Gboard keyboard for Android: –

1- Install Gboard from the Play Store.

2- Start the settings, search for “keyboard and input method” or “languages ​​and input”.

3- Click on Manage Keyboards and make Gboard the default keyboard.

4- Now when you type with Gboard, you will see the Translate icon at the top of the top row of keys.

5- Click this icon to switch to subtitle mode.

6- Choose the input and output languages ​​you want to use, enter the message you want to send and click the translation message.

7- The translated text will appear in the message field. Either send it or edit your message again.

8- Follow the same steps when you receive text in a different language. The only additional steps would be to copy and paste the text into the translator box.

Note: The steps are the same if you choose to install Microsoft SwiftKey for Android.

Gboard for iOS: –

1- Install Gboard from the App Store.

2- Open the app and tap on keyboard settings.

3- Tap on Get started and then enable full access.

4- Click on Start again.

5- You will be taken to Settings. Here, select Keyboards.

6- Enable Allow Full Access and click Allow. This will allow you to use Gboard’s translation function.

7- Open any messenger app and tap in the message text box to show the keyboard. Long press the globe icon in the lower left corner of the screen and select Gboard.

8- Click on the Translate icon at the top of the top row of keys. Accept the privacy message pop-up.

9- Now choose the languages ​​you want to write in and get the translation. Click on the Translate button.

10- Click on the translated text to send it as a message.

11- When you want to translate a message you have received: Press and hold on the text, select Copy, press the translation icon, paste the text message, then press the Translate button.


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