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​ Phones are still one of the biggest sources of threats for millions, as it is easy to penetrate them through several methods, including malicious applications, which makes the warnings of security experts launched from time to time to warn of the danger of some vulnerabilities in some applications.

Security experts at “Human”, a security company previously known as “White Ops”, explained that a large number of Android phone users have been subjected to one of the most complex attacks that have ever been found on the Google Play Store, the like of which has not been discovered. Since 2019, it has affected one million devices worldwide, according to the British newspaper “Express”.

The experts explained that one of the flaws of the Android operating system is that it is one of the most used mobile phone operating systems, and that it has multiple security flaws.

Security attacks on Android phones are through malicious applications that are downloaded either through websites or the Play Store.

Experts warned of fraudulent applications that were able to infiltrate Google’s checks to reach the store, as experts described these malicious and malicious applications as “the most complex fraud campaign of its kind.”

29 malicious apps on Android phones

And 29 malicious apps were found in the Google Play Store that were developed from scratch in 2019, and once these apps are installed, the malicious program will make your Android phone look like a smart TV for advertisers.

And almost all malware campaigns, it was all about money, as those ads when displayed illegally bring a lot of profits to hackers and cause advertisers to lose and user data leak as well.

Running too many ads cryptically causes the phone to overheat and drains, and also steals personal data.

“Any Light” was an application with the fraudulent code, a simple application that allows smartphone owners to choose between different lighting colors. It had more than 10,000 downloads from the Play Store.

The researchers also identified another application, with more than 100,000 downloads, “Sling Puck 3D Challenge”. This was a very simple game where players had to send all their balls along with the opponent, and both applications work secretly to generate revenue by tricking ads into sending their commercials to the phone.

Google thanked “Human” for its help in uncovering the 29 applications that have security flaws and deceive users. They have been removed from the store, but they will not be removed automatically from the phones, so any applications related to the application that were mentioned should be deleted.

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