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“Injury – death – recovery” is only three words that summarize the state of the world in the current period. One year ago, things were fine, and everyone was walking at his own pace, and in December 2019, things turned upside down after he appeared Corona Virus The newcomer who still reaps in the souls without mercy or restlessness.

A recent American study highlighted a very disturbing and dangerous symptom of people with “Covid 19”.

According to the American study, a number of Corona patients were estimated at 43 people, who had suffered from an infection in the spinal cord, according to “Sky News”, citing the “Euric Alert” website.

The researchers found that patients from 21 countries developed lesions in the spinal cord after infection with Corona.

The symptoms of these patients included “paralysis and defect of the sphincter or intestine,” and their ages ranged from 21 to 73 years, half of them were women.

The researchers believe that the high rate of myeloid myelitis, which is rare among people with Corona, deserves immediate investigation and in-depth study.

For his part, Dr. Mustafa El-Fouly, a professor of neurosurgery, explained in response to that study that Covid 19, with its complications, actually causes inflammation of the peripheral nerves.

The patient may have clots in the brain, bleeding in the brain, inflammation of the membranes of the brain, in what is known as “meningitis”.

A specialist in neurosurgery explained to Al-Watan that the Corona virus affects the nerves and brain, and the patient may suffer from impaired movement and memory as well, and sometimes he suffers from a high fever, and his neck movement is limited and he may have trouble walking, and it is possible that this happens. Inflammation in the spinal cord, but it is not recorded yet.

And patients with encephalitis, which is either in the cells or in the brain wall, must undergo intensive treatment in the hospital until their condition improves and the danger is removed, according to the doctor’s opinion.


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