“Hold the hand” of Judge Aoun … he missed the formation and attended the debut …


The file of maritime border demarcation is still the talk of Lebanese circles in light of the rumors that the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, has drawn up an equation for the demarcation and negotiation issue, the title of which is, the signing of the decree is the last ironing of the failure of negotiations and the confrontation, adhering to what has been drawn in the maps of the Lebanese army.

Newspapers also publish the “prosecution file” carried out by Judge Ghada Aoun, who traveled to the offices of the banker Michel Maktif in her pursuit of the case of smuggling money abroad, at a time when a position emerged from the discriminatory Attorney General Ghassan Awaidat to transfer the file and all the files that Aoun handles under the titles of prosecution of corruption. To other judges.

On the government level, the situation did not undergo any optimistic development as soon as the formation was imminent, and news of the Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri’s visit to Moscow appeared.

The end of Ghada Aoun!

Al-Akhbar praised Judge Aoun, describing her as not like any other judge, and a unique case that is difficult to replicate in the Lebanese judiciary. Sincere, honest and dreamy. Spontaneous to the extreme. Corruption did not touch it in the material sense, but recorded on it that it was the spearhead of the Free Patriotic Movement in its war against its opponents. Aoun is overly romantic in her files. Law does not always prevail, but rather weighs the balance of what it believes to be the right, its special viewpoint for dealing with issues. She may admit she was wrong, but if she is convinced that she is right, she fights fiercely. In Ghada Aoun’s mind, most of the judiciary is corrupt.

The newspaper adds that Aoun believes that the judiciary is the impregnable line of defense for the corrupt coalition. She sees her colleagues as negligent in the realization of truth and the administration of justice. Justice for Ghada Aoun differs from law enforcement. Traditionally, corrupt people know how to circumvent the law. Its weakness is its political current, with occasional exceptions. She absolutely believes in President Michel Aoun. The man’s words are home to her. And she is honest to the point of madness in her fight against corruption and the corrupt. She is not bothered by being accused of breaking the law if the purpose is corrupt prison. You hate bankers. She hates judges who drive luxury cars and wear international brands. In her eyes, these are disguised corrupt. However, all this does not intercede for her. Because the balance of justice is broken, then. When it becomes tough against those it considers corrupt, it weakens before those affiliated with the movement that raises the slogan of change and reform. This is seen by the opponents of its movement as political corruption. Another weak point is that it is taken with whom she secures on his side. It may slide into perdition just because it is tempted to gain its confidence and lead it wherever he wishes with truthful words that he wants with falsehood.

She pointed out that this bright side in her performance is matched by a dark side. She may oppress even though she believes that she brings justice. And its impulsivity may turn into recklessness. All you have earned in measured points is toppled by an uncalculated move. Wazar holds this recklessness from someone who gained her confidence and whispered in her ear what deluded her to be truth. However, this popular enthusiasm is at the expense of breaking the law. She explained that Judge Aoun recently became an outlaw judge. Her balance is rising in the people, but the resentment against her is increasing in court. The Supreme Judicial Council met a few days ago specifically to discuss the case of Judge Ghada Aoun, especially since she deals with the Council lightly and loudly accuses its members and its president of corruption.

She added, “A session has been set to hear her in the criminal case filed against her by Societe General Antoun Sehnaoui, in connection with the case of shipping the dollar abroad. The first time, she informed the judge who called her asking her to attend that she wanted to consult her political authority, then she told him that she would attend. But she did not attend. He called her, and she apologized, considering that she had an appointment with the doctor. He made another appointment for her, and she did not attend either. I informed him that she was about to take the Corona vaccine. He set a third appointment, she did not attend either. He called her asking why she did not appear in front of him, She replied that she was sick as a result of the bait. He set a fourth date, and she did not attend either. This time she sent a memorandum informing him that the cassation public prosecutor has no authority over her and that she will not attend. The judges considered that she was “opening at her expense” and that she was actively breaking the law. Therefore, the Council agreed. The Supreme Judiciary provided that action be taken against her, provided that the cassation public prosecutor, Judge Ghassan Oweidat, issued a decision yesterday to amend the distribution of work at the Appeal Public Prosecution in Mount Lebanon, limiting it to three lawyers for two years only, without the decision noticing her name with the two judges There are others who have already been suspended from the disciplinary council of judges.

Judge Aoun went crazy, especially since she saw that there was a plot being hatched against her to remove her from the judiciary, according to Article 95 of the Judicial Judiciary Law, which allows her to be dismissed. However, the issue of impeachment was denied by a number of members of the Supreme Judicial Council in contact with Al-Akhbar, stressing that it is not mentioned at all. The day before yesterday, Judge Aoun visited the President of the Republic, to put him in the atmosphere of the developments taking place and what she feels. She was not comfortable following the meeting. Yesterday, after news of her cessation spread, Aoun resumed her investigation into the file of withdrawing the dollar from the market and shipping it abroad. After she had asked Michel Maktaf, the owner of one of the largest dollar shipping companies, to provide her with the numbers and sums that he shipped for the benefit of Société Générale and other banks, and to invoke him as bank secrecy, and to issue a sign to stamp his offices with red wax, considering that his lack of cooperation is an obstruction to the course of justice, she decided that His offices are personally raided. She was informed that the red wax was dismantled by another court ruling. Aoun, who headed a State Security force and his escorts, went to Maktaf’s offices in Awkar.

The banking file, Judicial Department

Al-Binaa, in turn, touched on the maritime border demarcation file, as its sources confirm that the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, has drawn up an equation for the demarcation and negotiation issue under its title. Signing the decree is the last caution when negotiations fail and confrontation is waged under the title of adhering to what has been drawn in the maps of the Lebanese army in accordance with technical and legal rules This is not a Lebanese goal. The goal, as the President of the Republic sees it, is to succeed in the negotiations until they reach an understanding on a line evidenced by the studies of experts whose assistance was requested by the United Nations to check the Lebanese maps, and after freezing any exploration planned by the occupation entity in the Karish field located within the maps approved by the Lebanese army, and negotiations are conducted on its basis.

The sources say that Aoun conveyed his position to Assistant US Secretary of State David Hale and obtained from him a pledge to freeze the Karish field, speed up the return to negotiations, and secure technical assistance from international experts to check the technical and legal basis for the Lebanese maps.

The sources conclude by saying that the first maturity in June, as a specific date for the occupation entity to start exploration in the Karish field, will be a test for these pledges. If Hill’s pledges are not ratified, the decree will be on the president’s table for signature.

As for the case of Judge Aoun, human rights sources told Al-Binaa that the banks file divided the judiciary after the media and movement was divided, and it appeared that there was a movement with banks and media with banks, after the political scene that surrounded the file of the Governor of the Banque du Liban seemed embarrassing for everyone, despite the movement The judiciary in European countries to prosecute him. The sources said that the judicial references in front of the responsibility to deal seriously with these files so that dealing with what is known as Judge Aoun’s biases is understandable from public opinion, and as long as ignorance continues to be the title of the judicial tracks in corruption cases, judicial chaos will increase, similar to political and media chaos, and the issue of truth is mixed with politics. And sectarianism.

Politically, I attended the news of the visit of the Prime Minister in charge of forming the government, Saad Hariri to Moscow, about which Hariri’s office distributed reports followed by the director of his office in Moscow, George Shaaban, which dealt with the visit as a dedication to Hariri, a Russian candidate to head the government and a promise of a Russian initiative to pressure the formation of the government, which indicated a pressing Russian position on The President of the Republic and, in turn, Hezbollah, which embarrassed Moscow, which Russian media sources reported welcoming Hariri’s mandate to form the government and its desire to cooperate with him, but it received him on this basis and in this capacity. She told him these words on the basis that he is a constitutionally mandated president from the Lebanese institutions and not as a Russian candidate for prime minister. She also called on him and all the Lebanese parties to facilitate and accelerate the formation of the government, but she does not have a specific initiative to help with this and does not consider its relationship with the President of the Republic and Hezbollah. The one who received a high-ranking delegation representing him weeks ago and treated him as a strategic ally, as headlines for the pressures it is exercising, and it is not true that Moscow supported Hariri’s vision of forming a government in the face of the President’s perceptions. The sources said that replacing the meeting between Hariri and President Vladimir Putin was a Russian message to Hariri to ease this embarrassing exaggeration to Moscow. She treated him like a friend and wished his team had shown a similar concern for the photo of the visit.

Government battle

Al-Diyar newspaper dealt with the file of the government’s formation, noting that until yesterday evening, there had been no development that inspires optimism close to a final conclusion, but its sources are that Speaker Berri, in coordination with Hezbollah, is continuing their efforts towards Presidents Aoun and Hariri to overcome the outstanding obstacles, especially the complex of naming the additional Christian ministers. The Ministries of Interior and Justice were resolved after the formula of the 24 ministers was resolved, and the initial approval of the 8,8,8 equation.

“Al-Diyar” information says that the Shiite duo in the past few days put forward more than one proposal and a way out for this contract, based on confirming the exclusion of the obstructive third and addressing what was called Baabda’s concerns related to the method of naming the two Christian ministers and Hariri’s insistence on adhering to the Ministry of Justice.

She added that President Aoun or MP Bassil did not ask for eight ministers plus the names of the two Christian ministers, as some have spoken, but they still show reservations about the issue of naming the two ministers, and are awaiting Prime Minister Hariri’s position in this regard and the issue of justice and the interior. Whereas, in the middle of the House of Center, this position is considered an escape to the front and an attempt to conceal the desire of Aoun and Bassil to stick to the obstructing third.

Sources close to Hariri told Diyar yesterday that nothing has happened on the issue of the government, and that the information they have is that Baabda has not yet given an explicit answer to Speaker Berri about practically giving up the blocking third.

She added that raising the issue of naming the two Christian ministers is nothing but an attempt to obtain the disabling third in disguise, stressing the refusal to give this third directly or convincingly.

Hariri’s sources said that there is an internal and external consensus to reject the blocking third, and therefore the ball is in President Aoun’s goal. And when he gives up this third in word and deed, the process of forming the government will proceed on its course, because giving up the third is the way to form the government.

On the other hand, a source in the Free Patriotic Movement told Diyar that President Aoun has expressed his position more than once, stressing not to demand the obstructing third, but this does not mean a violation of participation in forming the government and what the constitution affirms in this field, nor does it mean the imbalance in the government is not at the level Distribution of the number of ministers not only, but also in terms of the distribution of portfolios and the adoption of a single standard.

The source considered that accusing the President of the Republic or the movement of obstruction and clinging to the obstructing third is a matter of blindness to the truth, indicating that every time the discussion and research in the government formation reaches a decisive point, Prime Minister Hariri strives to travel to this or that country as part of the policy of escaping forward. To evade responsibility.

He added that such visits and tours will not change anything. The Prime Minister-designate is required to fulfill his responsibilities and follow the formation process with the President of the Republic instead of practicing his trips and wandering abroad.

In light of this scene, a prominent political source told Al-Diyar yesterday that there are factors and data that are supposed to breach the wall of the crisis, the most prominent of which are:

– The international positions that have become settled in terms of holding Lebanese officials and parties responsible for delaying the government entitlement.

Depletion of Aoun and Hariri’s use of their papers in the government’s battle. The President of the Republic did not succeed in presenting criminal scrutiny on the government, and he was not able to exploit the issue of the maritime border decree. Rather, he was forced to retreat after the visit of US Assistant Secretary of State David Hale under a constitutional title. As for Hariri, who has succeeded in improving his situation abroad through his intensive visitation program, he cannot invest this success in the government’s battle, just as he has not yet been able to obtain a political passport to Saudi Arabia.

This reality is considered a factor that influences and pressures the two men to return to dealing with government efforts more realistically.

– There is a decisive month related to the fate of the support and the challenges and dangers that this entitlement can impose, and therefore both Aoun and Hariri have become trapped, so the first cannot abandon the fate of the rest of his reign, nor is the second able to guarantee the continuation of this pattern without forming his government.


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