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The US Space Agency (NASA) announced that its “Ingenuity” miniature helicopter made its first flights in the atmosphere of Mars, in a historic step that was delayed more than a week due to a technical problem. This is the first flight of a controlled plane on a planet other than Earth.

An engineer from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory confirmed that “the altitude data confirms that Ingenuity carried out the first sortie of an engine-equipped vehicle on another planet,” to applause and shouts of joy.

And NASA published a short video clip of the trip taken by the rover “Perseverance”, which had arrived on board “Ingenuity” to the Red Planet before separation from it.

The clip shows a craft flying at a height of three meters before landing on Mars. The helicopter itself sent a black and white image showing its shadow over the Red Planet.
“We can now say that humans have succeeded in making a motor vehicle fly over another planet,” said helicopter project leader Mimi Ong with great enthusiasm.

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