His lawyer visited him in prison .. Navalny is “very weak and unable to speak”


Lawyers for Alexei Navalny declared that the Russian dissident on a hunger strike for three weeks was “very weak” and “not receiving medical care”, after they visited him, Tuesday, in his prison hospital.

“He is very weak, and he finds it difficult to sit and talk,” his lawyer, Olga Mikhailova, told reporters.

She emphasized that he was “not receiving adequate medical care” in the hospital for prisoners with tuberculosis, calling for his “transfer to a civilian hospital” in Moscow.

On Sunday, US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan warned that Russia would face “consequences” if Navalny died in prison, while his supporters called for Wednesday’s protests in Moscow.Navalny has been on hunger strike since last March 31, to protest against his poor detention conditions, accusing the prison administration of preventing him from accessing a doctor and medicine after suffering a double herniated disc, according to his lawyer.

For his part, on Sunday, the German Foreign Minister urged the Russian authorities to provide “adequate medical care” for Nafalni, given that his health condition deteriorated.

And in the first official Russian reaction, the Russian ambassador to London said that his country would not let Navalny die in prison.It is noteworthy that doctors close to Navalny said Saturday that they feared that he would suffer a heart attack “between one minute and another” due to the “critical” level of the potassium concentration in his blood.

In a letter addressed to the administration of the Pokrov prison where he is located, they demanded that he be immediately placed in the intensive care unit.


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