Here is a list of celebrity wages for every advertisement they make on “Instagram”.


Publish site “Hopper HQ“Who is interested in social media statistics and numbers, the data of the most” Instagram “celebrities that get paid for the ads they publish in 2020.

American actor Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” topped the list, as he gets paid one million dollars for the advertising publication, thanks to the number of his followers who have crossed the 227 million mark.

In second place came reality TV star Kylie Jenner Johnson, who gets $ 986,000 for every ad post, with a following of 224 million.

And in third place is the Portuguese football legend Cristiano Ronaldo, who charges $ 889,000 per post on “Instagram”.

And followed by Cristinano in the fourth and fifth places, reality TV stars Kim Kardashian with 858 thousand dollars, and Ariana Grande with 853 thousand dollars.

The list of the top fifty included a lonely Arab star, the Egyptian Mohamed Salah, Liverpool’s top scorer, England.

Salah ranked 34th, with $ 180,000 for each advertising post on “Instagram”.


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