Health emphasizes Tarawih prayer useful for diabetics


The official page of the Ministry of Health published an infographic about the importance of Tarawih prayer for a diabetic, stressing that Tarawih prayer is a simple and important sport for a diabetic, because it promotes the health of the body.

The Ministry of Health stressed the need to adhere to the precautionary measures while going to the mosque for Tarawih prayers, which are:

Keep away from others by a distance of at least 1 meter

Take your own prayer rug

Do not forget to cleanse your hands frequently

-Wear a muzzle

And the Ministry of Health and Population confirmed that there are daily increases in the number of Coronavirus infections, reaching the 10% daily reading, warning of family gatherings in the month of Ramadan, stressing that crowding, lack of distancing and visiting increases the chances of transmitting infection, calling on citizens to take all precautionary and preventive measures.

Dr. Alaa Eid, head of the preventive medicine sector at the Ministry of Health, warned against family gatherings during the month of Ramadan, stressing that all infection control measures must be adhered to, including the muzzle, spacing, disinfection of surfaces and hand washing, indicating that it is necessary to go to hospitals immediately to feel symptoms even if they are minor on The doctor determines the treatment plan.

Dr. Alaa Eid, head of the Preventive Medicine Sector at the Ministry of Health and Population, revealed that the reason for the high number of people infected with Coronavirus in a number of governorates, especially Al-Saab, is due to the lack of observance of precautionary measures at various weddings and events.

Infograph and Post of the Ministry of Health
Infograph and Post of the Ministry of Health


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