Health: A continuous increase in active and critical Corona cases


The Ministry of Health confirmed that active and critical cases of Coronavirus are still continuing to rise, and it urged everyone to cooperate, adhere to precautionary measures, and apply social distancing to limit the spread of the virus.The Ministry of Health announced a new statistic on Corona developments in the Kingdom during the past 24 hours, which included the registration of (878) confirmed cases and the recovery of (578) cases, while the number of active cases reached (8113) cases, of which (914) were critical.

The statistic showed that the total number of injuries in the Kingdom reached (397,636) cases, and the number of recoveries reached (382776) cases, and with regard to deaths, (10) cases were recorded, bringing the total number of deaths in the Kingdom to (6747) cases, and (61640) examinations were performed. Laboratory.

The Ministry advised everyone to contact the (937) Center for Consultation and Inquiries around the clock, to obtain health information and services, and to know the latest developments in the Corona virus.


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