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Lifting subsidies is approaching: a search for sources to finance the card Yes … the army suggested a new line to Aoun

– A “truce” between the Judicial Council and Judge Aoun

Parliament and municipal elections: intended absenteeism

– Bidding for the fuel without a winner: will mutual consent be the solution?

– The battle to overthrow the “garrisons” continues: Sanaa officially announces the imminent “liberation” of Marib

Castro’s retirement: Cuba changes … don’t give up

Building :

– Vienna ends the preparatory papers, pending final approvals … and Diab returns with Qatari promises

– The Supreme Judicial Council refers Ghada Aoun to the inspection … and she confirms that her files will go ahead

A-Nationalists are preparing for the Syrian presidential elections: Al-Assad embodies the aspirations of the Syrians


– Diab Aad, empty-handed from Qatar, and Hariri, Aoun and Bassil complained to the Pope

– The Supreme Judicial Council confronts Ghada Aoun and “Aouni’s” direction to escalate ”

– Administration and Justice “calls on the government to amend Decree 6433 under penalty of constitutional accountability

Major General:

– Aoun continues to challenge the decisions of the Judicial Council … and justice is in danger!

– Al-Ferzli for a way out that goes beyond the government to the transitional stage … and Hariri brings to the Pope the “violations of Al-Taif”


– The estrangement between the authors continues … and Berri’s initiative continues, but …


The judiciary and the Aounist movement: denouncing face to face!


– Judicial director “to conceal faults” … authorship is in a coma and “the current” seeks a “Russian initiative” instead of “French.”


– A human rights source said that the Supreme Judicial Council gained its unity, but it did not gain the people’s confidence in its ability to open and follow up corruption files, and Judge Ghada Aoun gained the confidence of the angry, but lost the legitimate anti-corruption case that kept it away from political tensions; In both cases, Lebanon lost twice.

– A European diplomatic source said that the regulations being prepared by the technical committees to ensure the return to the nuclear agreement now include more than a hundred items under the heading of simultaneous steps to lift the US sanctions and Iran’s return to its obligations, and he expected that the preparation of the regulations will be completed before the end of this month.

Major General

– Lebanese leaderships of all kinds live in an atmosphere of “killer waiting” due to the lack of information and vision about the future.

– Qutb informed a representative that he had reached the “sword of the slave” about his relationship with the head of a loyal party, after and before the outbreak of the government clash!

In its history, the licensing process for some private companies to import some vaccines has not expired, including American vaccines!


– Opponents of President Hassan Diab yesterday promoted the suggestion that he returned empty-handed because he had originally traveled on the basis of previous appointments that Minister Damianus Train had prepared for him for an advisory or academic work agreement after he left office.

– The presidential team accuses a party official and former advisor of leaking the supposed minutes of a party delegation meeting with David Hale.

There is a lot of talk about planes carrying livestock leaving Lebanon for a country in the region, on a daily basis, and they are subsidized by the state and sold in hard currency.

– An international delegate said that his meeting on the day of his arrival in Lebanon with some political currents, was fleeting and fruitless, and one of the representatives who was supposed to attend was absent from him.

The news

Resignations continue in a basic constitutional authority, and the specter of a vacuum threatens the top of the pyramid.

A foreign visit by a high-ranking official is unclear regarding the timing and nature of the assistance that he will request from the host country.

The Republic

– Notifications went to political and parliamentary authorities for fear of security breaches targeting them or to revive discord in sensitive areas.
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– After the failed attempts to form the government and solve the political crisis, all eyes began to turn to the electoral machinery, as some of them began preparing for the elections that will take place a year later.
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– Insiders of the foreign movement towards the formation of the government say that “the hired mother is not like the bereaved,” meaning that the visitors talk and leave, and we are the family of the deceased.

Source: Newspapers


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