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Natanz messages with an Israeli-American signature: Iran toward nuclear counter-pressure
– “Rayeh Al Maximum” in Criminal Audit: No Barter with the Government Aoun: We will not be subject to blackmail in the demarcation file
– Amending the southern maritime borders: Lebanon is confirming its right in the face of the enemy
– “Israel” comments on the amendment of the maritime borders: We will respond with parallel measures
– Shukri and Zaki’s conclusion: Lack of confidence, not an authoring crisis
– The crisis is “digging” in the faces of Lebanese women: Be beautiful … and do not act!
Building :

– The maritime demarcation decree precedes the de facto arrival of Hill … and the threat of the occupation to respond in kind
– Diab, Aker and Najjar signed … and the decree to Baabda … to turn the page on the accusations
The nationalists to turn the Syrian presidential elections into a referendum in support of the Assad leadership

– A “Lebanese message” on the eve of Hill’s visit “anger” Washington and “Israel”
Hariri has reservations about the “amendment”: If I were prime minister, I would not have signed!
A French wait for sanctions … and a Saudi role in obstructing the agreement with Iraq?
Major General:

– The covenant closes the door of the government … and Paris has put the sanctions on fire!
Baabda: The maritime decree needs the Council of Ministers.
– Moscow criticizes Macron’s initiative and is waiting for the Lebanese leaders


Hold your breaths before the sanctions … and inside clashes … and fanning Berri’s initiative to avoid the possibilities

– The government doors are closed … and Jumblatt reiterates the call for a settlement that does not exclude anyone
– Lebanon “the most expensive” is heading to the scenario of Venezuela .. The Lebanese are on a date with fasting in Ramadan and after it


– Adjustment of Borders: Confusion awaits David Hale


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– A political reference said that the signing of the decree demarcating the maritime borders dropped all accusations that were used against a political group and accused it of neglecting Lebanese rights and entering into deals at its expense with the Americans. Post-decree administration and the responsibilities it imposes.
– Diplomatic sources said that the American and European statements, in addition to Russian and Chinese solidarity with Iran in the face of the attempt to sabotage the Natanz nuclear complex and considering it an attempt to sabotage efforts to restore the nuclear agreement, was in the context of presenting Iran with a political alternative to responding to sabotage to grant the Vienna negotiations Chances of success.
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Activists launched a campaign through social media against those who say to reconstitute deposits in banks, which means that they no longer exist, unlike what some promote
Extensive preparations are being made for trade unions and organizations in civil society and the movement for a remarkable day on Labor Day on the first of May.
– A bank official said that deposits in dollars will be in installments over years, provided that they are withdrawn in Lebanese pounds according to the contracts signed by the bank’s clients.
– The words of a former minister about the depositors ’money sparked a wave of anger among them, considering that what he uncovered confirmed the evaporation of their money

The Republic
– Sectors close to a presidential authority saw that the current political battle today is based on the starvation equation or the powers.
– Diplomatic circles underestimated the possibility of recording positive repercussions on Lebanon in the short term in the Vienna meetings.
– A meeting between a prominent political reference and a critical authority witnessed a tumultuous debate against the background of the lifting of support. Voices were heard, and the discussion ended with the matter being postponed until after Ramadan.

Major General
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– He did not rule out the high volume of international pressure, at the end of this month, to compel a senior official to proceed with the signing of the decree of a new government!
– An official authority rejected any proposal to name ministers from a certain sect in order to settle a technical crisis in forming the government.
– Nafez party expanded its social and living services circle to include groups that revolve around it, and not from the direct supporters!

The news
– The complete closure of a vital sector in the past two days, despite all promises that there will be no crisis and that “there is no need for panic.”
– The official position on a spiritual authority does not seem to apply to the supporters of a political trend in light of the campaigns on social media.

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