“He was found hanged” … Shocking details about the death of an England player


Initial investigations into the death of Lee Collins, the Yeovil Town captain who has been active in the English fifth division for several days, revealed shocking details.

Lee Collins’s body was found in his hotel room on March 31, after his club informed the police of the player’s disappearance, absenteeism from training, and the inability to communicate with him.

But since the announcement The death of the player Until the last hours, the cause of what had happened had not been revealed, but the British newspaper “Sun” published the text of the preliminary investigations into the death of Yeovil Town commander.

In a statement read out to the court, forensic officer Ben Battley said that Collins was confirmed dead at the hotel on March 31, where he was found by hanging.

“As a coroner, I consider it necessary to obtain more data and reports regarding the circumstances of my death,” Ben Batley added to the court.

He concluded, “It would be good for the investigation to be postponed before the final text is issued, provided that this matter is no later than July 7, 2021, in order to review the circumstances of the death.”

It is reported that Lee Collins died at the age of 32, and played for several clubs in the lower divisions professional or amateur.


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