He tried to swim and got a “hot leech” from a “angry” Akhtabut.


An Australian receives a “hot latch” from an angry octopus, while he is on the shores of a tourist resort, after the marine animal pursued him and beat him, as soon as he was ready to go to the waters with his daughter.
Geologist Lance Carlson was under rare attack during a vacation he was spending on a beach in Western Australia. And he was seen in a video that spread heavily on social networking sites, in which an octopus appears in shallow water, attacking Carlson. The octopus followed him again, slapping him on the arm, before striking him in the neck and upper back. The blows left red stains and tingling on Carlson’s skin, and he used cola to relieve the pain.

Carlson, who used to work as a beach lifeguard, said: “I was about to swim near the resort where my family was staying in Geogra Bay, when I saw what I thought had committed a marine creature striking a gull, and then discovered that it was an octopus when I approached him with my adult daughter from Two years old. ”

He added, “When I started filming it, the octopus attacked me suddenly, which caused us a shock.” He explained that when he returned to the water alone, the octopus saw him again and attacked him again. He used cola, and it had a good effect.


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