He saw an unexpected response from Al-Faraj to a Nasrawi fan, who said: “May God help you, Hamdallah, if you sneeze, they say he should be punished!”


Sports Observatory: Waleed Al-Farraj, a journalist, responded to a fan message broadcasted via a point of order through the league program with Walid belonging to Abdul Razzaq Hamdallah, the victory player.

And the supporter said: I have pity on Hamdallah. I expect if it is implemented. They say that we must be punished.

Al-Faraj replied, saying: I mean, you swear by God. You do not see what is going on. You will see a hair between the love of the entity and the love of the player. Like a fan, his team lost two points in the last match. From Captain Hamdallah, when you sit down, you look at this, and this is something other than that. This indicates that you have a sensitivity to criticism and that the player should not criticize, and if he made a mistake, we say, see others wrong.


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