He presented it at an iftar party and challenged everyone..the story of Youssef Wahbi and the new face of Alexandra Badran


The artistic atmosphere differs from every era to the next, so the state of cinema and theater differs from one era to the next, stars rise and dominate them, while they diminish from other stars, and the habits of people of art and the nature of their relationships differ, theatrical groups compete and flourish, or disintegrate and many of them disappear, and the nature of many of these differences appears. And the atmosphere during the month of Ramadan, whose artistic environment changes from one era to the next.

The month of Ramadan was in the past a season for the flourishing of cinema before the spread of television, and also a season for the people of art and their evening gatherings, as it was an opportunity to discover some stars.

In a rare issue of Al-Kawakeb magazine published in 1957, the magazine published an article entitled “15 Ramadan Backwards, in which I dealt with the atmosphere of Ramadan during a distant period of time through artistic events and situations that took place in Ramadan in 1942.”

The magazine said that in this year 1942, Youssef Wahbi had finished preparing the movie Al-Jawhara, in which he was assigned the lead role to an obscure Lebanese singer, which prompted filmmakers and critics to accuse him of recklessness because he assigned the lead role to a budding artist about whom the audience does not know anything.

And this was in the month of Ramadan, so Youssef Wahbi held an iftar party at his house, which was located at the time next to the Rihani Theater, and at this party a number of filmmakers and critics invited, and asked them to choose a name for his new discovery, and this girl’s name was “Alexandra Badran”, and the attendees suggested to Youssef Bey has more than a hundred names, but Youssef Wahbi surprised them with the name he chose for the new face, which is “Nour Al-Huda”, thus writing the beginning of the birth of a new star in the world of art and music.


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