He escaped from a blow that almost ended his career … Why isn’t Lionel Messi injured?


It is not a coincidence.

Before we begin, we need to reassure the Barcelona fans, it is not a question for the purpose of envy, but an attempt to explain a phenomenon that became close to Lionel Messi until he reached the age of thirty-three, and he did not lose it even through the actions of the ruthless body.

The Villarreal match, with the presence of Unai Emery, was promised that it was different from most of the confrontations in which Barcelona suffered in order to break the blocks in the back, which is no longer the preserve of the Catalan team, and Real Madrid has also suffered in recent years.

The match also witnessed many strong encounters between the players, especially the one that Lionel Messi was subjected to after a violent intervention that affected the hearts of the fans of the Catalan team for two minutes spent by the Argentine star agonizing on the ground.

This happened in the sixty-seventh minute, which witnessed a violent intervention by Mano Trejeros on the foot of Lionel Messi, which almost caused a severe injury to the Argentine star, who remained in pain for about two minutes on the field, before he started and completed the match as if nothing had happened.

The intervention required the red card to be displayed in the face of the Villarreal player, as it was an intentional injury to Messi’s leg, in a ball through which many players sustained double fractures, some of which ended his career, even clinically, for similar reasons.

As for Messi, there is more than good luck to talk about at this point, especially with the Argentine star always accused of being weak at the level of frictions and not having a strong physique, just because his muscles are not repelled by his shirt and he does not have a huge muscle mass.

Because of this, Messi’s body and build are always treated as a weakness especially in the never-ending comparisons between him and Cristiano Ronaldo, but apart from the comparisons, we are just trying to tell you that Leo is stronger than you think.

Today’s intervention, which we agreed was about ending Leo’s career, takes us back to the back, where many of the footage was indeed capable of ending his career in the event that his body did not possess the extraordinary amount of flexibility or flexibility that always maintains his best position of the body to absorb violent interference and interference. General.

In that context, you only have to go to YouTube or search on the Google search engine to find enough videos that explain the number of violent interventions that Messi was subjected to, and did not cause him any injury, and complete his match without crises, remember that we are here to explain And not to envy.

The most prominent of these shots is certainly Ramos’ famous intervention on him in 2010, and a very large number of regular obstruction attempts, which come in the course of the game and do not come to intentionally harm or injure, which usually failed to bring down Messi, as he was resting on his hand and completing his journey with the ball, or He maintains his balance after milliseconds wobbling and then moving on.

Antoine Griezmann Lionel Messi Villarreal vs Barcelona La Liga 2020-21

On the other hand, there are a large number of Laiba who had to reduce their muscle mass because they discovered that muscle mass is not ideal for a ball player, but rather that its harms are greater than its benefits, and it is not the ideal thing for a soccer player in the first place.

Cristiano Ronaldo himself resorted to it in 2016, and Gareth Bale a year earlier after he wanted to mimic the Portuguese star muscularly after joining Real Madrid, as well as Romelu Lukaku, who lost everything when he exceeded the 100 kilos before he regained himself by reducing it.

Here, trying to use Messi’s image in medical examinations and making fun of his body would be a very funny thing, because he has the perfect body that helps him do what he wants to do and highlight his features as a player.

And to reach that point, the light must be shed, especially on the post-2014 period, at which time he was overweight, and the thigh injury was renewed from time to time, and he had to be absent from the field for 3 months after he was absent for 3 weeks due to thigh pain and returned to complete.

At the time, Messi got a rest from the matches, but he did not get an absolute rest, and he traveled to Buenos Aires to follow a comprehensive physical plan, at which time his weight decreased by 5 kilograms, and he was able to return to the ideal body, which he maintains until today.

And remember, a perfect body expression means that he is the ideal of his roles in a more precise sense, which makes him able to exercise his strengths in the best possible way, while at the same time minimizing his likelihood of suffering injuries.

After all that has been said, you will discover that the claim that Messi is not beaten and obstructed, and therefore his injuries are few, is a fallacy, and a search on “YouTube” is sufficient to prove that it is a fallacy, and to explain that the real reason for this is flexibility and factors some of which are innate as many things in his wonderful composition, Some of them needed arduous physical plans that do not get their due from the mention and praise just because their muscles are not prominent and the shirt is not torn from excessive prominence.

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And before we put the end point, this feature is not easy, as it allowed him to continue in the stadiums with all this effort in a high level so far, perhaps without it we would say Messi was a project of a miracle to come, but unfortunately, was destroyed by injuries!


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