Hasna Hariri: Jordan decides to deport “Khansa Houran” and an online campaign to support it


The Jordanian authorities have informed three Syrian refugees of their intention to deport them from the kingdom within 14 days, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Syrian tweeters and activists interacted extensively with the news, especially that among them was the former detainee in Syrian prisons, Hasna Hariri, nicknamed “Khansa Horan.”

Photo released, Social media

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Hasna Hariri was nicknamed “The Khansa of Houran”

The Syrian Observatory has warned of the danger of Hariri being arrested by the Syrian regime, if it is forced to return.

Al-Hariri added, through an audio recording on WhatsApp, shared by Twitter users, that the deportation list included Ibrahim Qasim Al-Hariri and the activist Rafat Al-Salkhadi.


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