HarmonyOS .. Huawei targets 300 million phones to support them with the new operating system


The Chinese technology giant “Huawei” confirmed that it has succeeded in attracting more than 20 source of hardware vendors and more than 280 software developers to work on a number of HarmonyOS devices.

This coincides with the efforts made by Huawei in developing its new operating system, as it aims to support 300 million versions of the company’s devices this year.

The HarmonyOS operating system is the future of Huawei’s smart devices, so the Chinese giant is striving more recently to finish developing the system and launching the stable version for users, and Huawei has already shared a new beta version of the operating system through which the company has made progress in developing the operating system.

It is decided that 100 million devices will be launched with a pre-installed HarmonyOS system, among the 300 million devices that receive the Huawei system this year, and Wang Chenglu from Huawei confirmed that the operating system aims to unify Huawei devices, as Huawei aims to expand the operating system to include smart phones and tablets TVs and other devices.


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