Happened on this day, Halley’s comet reaches its closest point to Earth


Halley’s comet is one of the most famous comets known to mankind in space, and it is a short-cycle comet that can be seen from Earth every 75 years or 76 years, and the secret of this comet’s fame lies in its being the only comet that can be seen with the naked eye from Earth, and a person can see it twice in his life.

The last time the comet appeared was in 1986, and it will appear in the middle of 2061, and on this day April 11, 1986 Halley’s comet reached the closest possible point to Earth and humanity could see it clearly.

It is worth noting that Comet Halley was recorded by human scientists throughout history, where astronomers recorded it in 240 BC, in addition to its appearance in the Chinese and Babylonian civilizations and in the Middle Ages in Europe.

But it was not confirmed that the same comet reappeared at that time, and the comet’s first periods were determined in 1705 by the English astronomer Edmund Halley, who named the comet.


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