Hamdan bin Mohammed: Our ambitions are without limits, our pursuit is continuous, and we do not have an end line


Sharjah – Gulf
His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council, affirmed that the changes the world is witnessing require strengthening efforts to provide innovative ways to improve services and develop the performance of government work, in order to translate the insightful vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy The President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, may God protect him, aimed at enhancing performance and improving the services provided to customers, keeping pace with future requirements and harnessing all necessary ingredients to meet the expectations of customers and community members, and consolidating Dubai’s position within the ranks of the most pioneering cities in the field of government services.
His Highness appreciated the efforts of the work teams in government agencies and their proactive initiatives to achieve the happiness of the public, which is the true indicator of the quality of government services, directing the government agencies to continue working on developing services, to keep pace with the aspirations of customers in accordance with the highest international standards and practices, and to enhance the spirit of one team.
This came during the delivery of His Highness, Crown Prince of Dubai, “the banner of the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Program for Government Services 2020” to the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, as the government agency that won the best government initiative on the smart life initiative, during the ceremony of “Hamdan Forum 2020” organized by the “Dubai Model Center.” Affiliated to the General Secretariat of the Executive Council.
The Smart Life initiative was chosen by the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority as the best government initiative, collecting the highest result from the target audience evaluation for the year 2020 and the evaluation of the jury, after a strong competition between 8 initiatives that were selected out of more than 50 initiatives in which 28 government agencies participated in the service improvement course. Government is on the agenda of number one for this year.

Turning challenges into opportunities

His Highness the Crown Prince of Dubai said: “The world has lived under exceptional circumstances during the past year that left great challenges and left clear effects. Dubai has been able to transform these challenges into opportunities and government agencies have shown great flexibility in their response to these repercussions, to form a model for the ability to conduct business. And the provision of services according to the highest standards. “
His Highness added: “Whatever the challenges, our aspirations will touch the sky. Our ambitions are without limits, and our endeavor is continuous for development and improvement, and we do not have an end line.”
His Highness directed his speech to representatives of the nominated government agencies: “With your sincere efforts and proactive ideas, Dubai continues its flight in the sky of leadership, and no challenge will prevent it from achieving its plans to reach its desired goals and achieve its development goals.”
His Highness the Crown Prince of Dubai congratulated the winning government initiative that sets new standards for leadership and innovation in government work, thanking the leading government agencies that continue their absolute commitment to the happiness, positivity, transparency and team spirit approach to achieve ambitious aspirations for customer happiness.
His Highness presented the banner to the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, appreciating the sincere efforts made by the authority’s team, and his Highness blessed its deserved victory for the flag for this year, and its obtaining the largest number of votes from the public. The process of developing government services.

The culmination of an entire year effort

In turn, Abdullah Al-Basti, Secretary-General of the Executive Council of the Emirate of Dubai, confirmed that winning the banner of the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Program for Government Services is the culmination of a year-long effort of tireless work by government agencies with the Dubai Model Center to improve services in accordance with international best practices, and in a way that exceeds the expectations of customers. And embodying the vision of the wise leadership to continue the process of developing government work to serve the members of society and achieve their happiness and well-being. He congratulated the working teams of the nominated initiatives, wishing all success in the next stage.
Al-Basti said: “This year witnessed exceptional circumstances left by the Covid-19 pandemic, as government agencies faced unprecedented challenges to ensure continuity of service provision. The methodologies used in government agencies and the methodologies used in the Dubai Model Center had a clear impact on planning and preparing to raise service readiness, especially in terms of keeping pace with Customer requirements, which enabled government agencies to enhance the readiness of their services to work in such circumstances and to ensure business continuity during the pandemic period.

Remote evaluation

Prior to announcing the nominated initiatives, the list of government initiatives nominated for the program went through a series of evaluations prior to the audience evaluation stage, where the primary axes for evaluating services included a set of criteria that measure the results of efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability, and the extent of adherence to the entrepreneurial government’s approach, which was held this year remotely. By the jury that included international and local residents, with the aim of developing comprehensive perceptions about the extent of the impact of these services in the short and long term, and measuring the performance indicators of each initiative, in accordance with the Dubai Model methodology for improving government services.

The ring to meet the customers 2020

The “Hamdan Bin Mohammed Program for Governmental Services” workshop was organized remotely to learn more about the nominated initiatives from the authorities, appreciate the efforts made to improve government services and recognize the achievements through the initiatives launched by government departments and agencies. During the meeting, a large number of customers were selected from the target audience, and they shared their evaluation, opinions and suggestions on the importance of the nominated initiatives.
The banner of “Hamdan Bin Mohammed Program for Governmental Services” is delivered to the government agency that gets the highest total in the results of the international experts committee and the results of customer evaluation, for a whole year, so that it is raised in front of the entity’s main building, and it is kept or handed over to the party that wins the flag in the year that follows. It was followed by the Roads and Transport Authority for the “Express Metro” initiative, the “Trakhees” initiative for the “Al Shamel” initiative, the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing for the “Electronic Tickets” system, and the Road Authority. And transportation “for the” smart umbrellas “initiative,” Dubai Municipality “for the” My Product “initiative, and” Dubai Police “for the” Smart Police Station “initiative, and the” Dubai Department of Economic Development “currently carries the current flag for the” Instant License “initiative.


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