Hala Sidqi’s husband responds to his betrayal of her


The Egyptian actress Hala Sidqi was the guest of the (Sheikh Al-Harrah) program, presented by director Inas_Al-Deghidi.

During the episode, Sheikh Al-Hara said that the artist’s husband was betraying her in the company of the girls who showed pictures of them in the episode.

But soon Hala Sidqi’s husband went out on his page to clarify the truth of the pictures and wrote: “These are the pictures of the failed program today. You can even visualize with her. As for the second picture, oh his failure, it is some colleagues at work, if you carefully consider that he is wearing a work uniform and wait for the surprises.

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Hala Sidqi had spoken with Enas El-Deghidi about many matters related to her personal life, such as changing her children from their father’s name and replacing it with their mother’s name, Sidqi, which caused many problems for them.

Hala Sidqi explained the truth about the land whose price at the present time is 8 million pounds and that her husband wrote in her name, and said: He did not provide her with a dowry, network or apartment and he told her that he owns a plot of land but there is no buyer for her and after the intervention of one of the friends wrote this land in her name and it was Its time is 50 thousand pounds.


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