Hala Sidqi announces her stance towards gay people


Hala Sidqi announces her stance towards gay people


Egyptian actress Hala Sedky

The Egyptian actress Hala Sidqi revealed her opinion about homosexuals, saying, “They are free, and I do not know whom I deal with, I have in the person I deal with and I have nothing to do with his religion and color.”

In a TV interview, Sidqi added, “Oh my joy! There is a person that society considers normal and who is a murderer or an extremist.”

She added, “Society does not accept homosexuals, but I do not hold every person accountable for their attitudes, and it is possible that he was born in this situation and was subjected to harassment as a child.”

She added, “I will not look at the history of homosexuals and see how he deals with me, as it does not appear on the individual whether he is gay or not.”

Source: “Country Echo”


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