Hala Al-Turk’s mother reveals a sudden judicial procedure that ends her crisis with her daughter and protects her from prison


Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Kuwaiti actress, Mona Al-Saber, revealed new developments regarding her case with her son, the young Bahraini artist Hala Al-Turk, announcing a new procedure issued by the competent Bahraini court, which may end her crisis and protect her from imprisonment.

“Al-Saber” wrote, through her personal account on the social networking site on “Instagram,”: “Mona Al-Saber’s defense request was approved to replace a valid one-year prison sentence by paying an amount of money estimated at 20,300 dinars to her daughter Hala Al-Turk within one month, starting from Today’s date, commenting: “Oh God, thank you, and thank you, Lord.”

Mona Al-Saber praised the support she received from her followers through her social media accounts, appreciating their standing by her and asking everyone to support her in her ordeal, commenting: “I will be at good thought and will return stronger than I was.”

Al-Sayer, during a live broadcast with the legal advisor, Ruba Al-Khaled, expressed her feelings after the testimony of her daughter Hala Al-Turk against her in court, saying: “I am amazed at her position because she is satisfied with the testimony against me even if she is pressured. Proxy in them ”.


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