Hackathon “Together from a distance” to accelerate the journey of building a more connected future


Abu Dhabi: “The Gulf”
Under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy, Ericsson announced the launch of the Together Apart hackathon on April 22, which will last until March 31, 2022, with the aim of accelerating the journey towards building a more connected future and providing solutions to various global challenges.
The hackathon allows creative and innovative citizens and residents in the UAE to present their creative ideas and innovative and applicable solutions, and focuses on building technology-based solutions and harnessing the power of 5G networks, as it provides a platform to attract new ideas and stimulate innovation and technological progress in the sectors related to the six main axes of the agenda National Vision 2021, which is access to a health system with international standards, and a high-level educational system: to facilitate the learning journey and access to education with a focus on building the future of education, building a knowledge economy based on innovation, sustainable infrastructure and integrated infrastructure, a safe society, a fair judiciary, and a society. Cohesive preserving his identity.
The door to participation in the hackathon is open to professionals from developers, programmers, designers, information technology engineers, technical entrepreneurs, university students and creative individuals from various public and private sector institutions in the UAE. Where those interested in participation can register online to submit their proposals and ideas at the link: https://www.ericsson.com/en/events/together-apart-hackathon The top five ideas will be selected within each of the six themes.
The hackathon also includes holding a number of virtual seminars and discussions starting from April 22, and the invitation is open to the public to join by registering on the same link, as a distinguished group of speakers participate in the event to discuss relevant topics to inspire innovators in the country.
Ahmed Belhoul Al Falasi, Minister of State for Entrepreneurship and Small and Medium Enterprises, said that the launch of this innovative hackathon represents an advanced and fruitful model for the well-established partnership between the public and private sectors in supporting and developing the innovation environment in the country, especially by linking it to the goals and axes of the national agenda of the UAE Vision 2021. This means that a wide umbrella of vital sectors will benefit from the innovative ideas that will be discussed and produced by this distinguished event, stressing that the Ministry of Economy was keen to support this pioneering event for Ericsson, and will continue its efforts to support the efforts made by the private sector in various innovative fields.
He added: “Innovation is an essential element and engine in the UAE economy and its plans for future economic and social development. Motivating innovators to discuss and develop the best technological solutions and creative ideas will contribute to creating a fertile environment for the transition towards a new level of knowledge economy based on creativity, inventions, information technology, communication and research and development activities for individuals. And the support and sponsorship of such pioneering initiatives and events is aimed at achieving the objectives of the Ministry of Economy by strengthening the position of the UAE as a destination for innovators and encouraging citizens and residents to establish innovation-based companies, especially in the sectors of the new economy that serve the development goals of the UAE.
“We are delighted to contribute to supporting the vision of the United Arab Emirates by playing a key role in stimulating innovation in the country,” said Wieck Bajda, Vice President and Head of the GCC Region at Ericsson. The organization of the hackathon comes with support from Ericsson’s Emirates Innovation Center, and is evidence of the company’s firm commitment to the UAE and towards accelerating the journeys of digital transformation in the country. We are confident that the hackathon is a platform to encourage the best minds in the country to work on developing solutions that benefit the UAE. The digital development of the UAE is closely linked with our goal of driving technological progress and accelerating the sustainable development of the country. We also look forward to working with the winners to implement their ideas and turn them into a tangible reality. ”
Six winning teams will be selected, each representing one of the axes of the national agenda for the UAE Vision 2021. The winning teams will receive the necessary support to test their solutions, and they will also have the opportunity to present these solutions in the Kingdom of Sweden pavilion at Expo 2020. One team will also receive the grand prize. A visit to Ericsson’s headquarters in Sweden to present their solution and connect with the entrepreneurial community there.
Maya Moqbel, Head of Innovation at Ericsson Middle East and Africa, said: “This initiative constitutes an important achievement for the Ericsson Emirates Innovation Center, through which the Together Apart Hackathon will be launched with the aim of making use of the talents that the UAE embraces to come up with ideas and solutions that can develop the digital landscape in the country. The information and communication technology infrastructure is a fundamental pillar of the country’s digital aspirations, and the Emirates Innovation Center will bring together a broad system to move forward in supporting the country’s prosperity further. ”


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